Corporate and Health & Safety Videos

Filmed while on a recent trade mission to Shanghai with Shrewsbury Town Council

Our Health & Safety videos solve a real problem for large corporates. When you have contractors arriving on site 24/7, how do you ensure that everyone receives the same high standard of Health & Safety induction?  And if there’s a claim on you, how do you prove that they’ve received the training? and how do you demonstrate, maybe to an accident tribunal, that they understood it?  And how do you do this when English isn’t their first language?

Our clients can do all of this with one of our tailor made Health & Safety videos

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The message in the video is clearly and calmly thought through by you, with guidance from us.  It’s delivered in short bursts, interspersed with question breaks that are delivered from the video and answered via an electronic or paper-based questionnaire.  That questionnaire is your evidence of understanding.  Anyone not reaching the required standard is identified and helped.  The whole system is designed to be delivered without the need for specialised Health & Safety personnel. Usually, the security personnel or duty manager do it.

The videos, including the questions and captions can be delivered in any language.

A three hour conventional induction can be reduced to a thirty minute delivery , with no reduction in the level of understanding.

Our videos are endorsed by HSE.

Our Health & Safety video clients include The NHS, WK Kelloggs, Kronospan, Ardagh Glass, DeLaRue, The Galvanizers’ Association and Monsanto

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