Whitchurch, Shropshire, wanted a documentary programme to capture the town’s history. Displayed here is just part of a comprehensive programme, dealing with the town’s importance in the production and distribution of Cheshire Cheese. We were asked to involve young people in the production to make this an educational exercise too, so everything you see here was filmed by student camera crews from the town’s technology college trained by ourselves, and you’ll see that the dramatic elements of the programme involved student actors and the college’s design department as well.

VideoActive has been producing documentary videos about Europe’s canal system for over 20 years. We have amassed a collection of over 50 titles, not just about the UK canals, but throughout Continental Europe too. Each programme involves months of painstaking research, so that the  DVDs have now become an important resource for canal historians and enthusiasts, as well as for holiday makers sampling the canals for the first time. Our programmes are on sale in almost 100 waterside sales outlets around the country including the major Waterways Museums run by the Canal & Rivers Trust.

We were invited by Shrewsbury Town Council to accompany the Mayor and a trade delegation from the town on a trade visit to China. We were “guests” of the Chinese Government, and our film crew was accompanied everywhere by a government minder, who’s job was to “help” us obtain the right shots. This was in effect heavy censorship at source. We were only allowed to film in carefully selected factories which were bright and modern, clean and efficient. Adding Chinese subtitles was an interesting technical challenge.

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