The Galvanizers’ Association is the lead body for the somewhat fragmented Galvanizing industry in the UK. This Induction Programme for Contractors and New Starters alike was filmed at several different companies to create a sense of ownership across the whole spectrum of the membership. It is available for all the member organisations to use. We have produced it in several foreign languages including German, Spanish and Swedish

Down to Earth is the true story of two Kelloggs employees who each suffered life-changing accidents following separate accidents at home. One person suffered a permanent sight impairment in a car accident, while the other fell out of a tree while helping a neighbour lop back some branches. He broke his back. Kelloggs’ Health & Safety philosophy is that it’s just as important to stay safe at home as it is to stay safe at work. After all, a life changing accident has the same devastating effect on an employee, regardless of where it happens.

This programme was designed at the outset for easy translation into several language options, and so there is no on-screen presenter. It is a contractors’ induction video. Kronospan has an Austrian Parent company, and the language options include German, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Italian & Spanish. It has an in-built self-test of understanding which is also available in all the language options. The customer has the option to deliver the induction over the internet.

We have a long standing relationship with Kellogg’s Wrexham plant, and their Contractors’ Induction programme is into it’s 5th revision to take account of changing legislation and changing work practices. We try not just to respond to customer’s needs, but in many cases to anticipate them. A new innovation that came from us, is to build a self-test questionaire into the programme delivery so that we test the viewer’s understanding of the material that’s been presented.

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